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A registration fee is required for attending the conference according to the table below. The registration fee will cover conference session attendance, abstracts volume, ice-breaker, coffee breaks and conference material.


  • According to Brazilian laws all the registration fees will be charged in Brazilian Reals (BRL).

  • *Student (undergraduate and graduate). A declaration of the Advisor certifying the status must be provided at the registration desk.


Conference Dinner - 18 September

        "Brazilian Steakhouse"

Come to enjoy our culinary, our way to serve it, our Brazilian hospitality and the experience of an authentic “churrasco” (barbecue in portuguese).

If you are vegetarian, don’t worry! You will have a lot of salad options, brazilian tipical side dishes and an incredible diversity of tropical fruits.

The dinner includes:

Complete Rodizio* - salad buffet, side dishes, meat (20 different kinds)

Beverages - Mineral water, soda, juices, coffee.

*Rodizio = There is no menu. You can eat everything you see.

Cancellation Policy


To cancel your registration, send an email stating your intent to cancel to


You must mention if you are part of any sessions, and indicate your intent to withdraw as well.


  • Requests received by 01 August 2019 will incur a 30% cancellation fee

  • Requests received by 15 August 2019 will incur a 50% cancellation fee

  • Requests received by 31 August 2019 will incur a 70% cancellation fee

  • Requests received after 31 August 2019 cannot be processed

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