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Field Trips


The Local Organizing Committee and the Ecology Tours negotiated special conditions for the INA17 attendees. Click the link bellow to check the prices for: accommodation, travel, field trips and tours.


One pre-event and one post-event, ranging about 3-4 days guided tours, will be catered at reasonable budget before and/or after the conference.


During these visits you will have the opportunity to see and experience Brazilian culture, customs and traditions, folk arts, handicrafts, cuisine, places of tourist interest, wildlife and much more.

To book the Field Trips click on the Cananeia/Ubatuba Trip Details below.

bonequinho de bike INA17.jpg
bonequinho de mochila INA17.jpg



This pre-INA17th trip starts at São Paulo and ends at Santos;


Participants: 10 minimum - 32 max;

Duration: 3 days (13 -15 September);

bonequinho no barco INA17.jpg


This post-INA17th trip starts at Santos and ends at São Paulo;


Participants: 40 max;


Duration: 4 days (20-23 September);


bonequinho observando passaro INA17.jpg
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