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Cananéia (13-15 Sep)


13th September: Cananeia


Transfer:   Guarulhos Airport (São Paulo) - Cananéia

Region presentation: location, biodiversity, traditional cultures, protected areas and research projects.

Historic city tour, tours to the Oceanographic Institute of USP and handcraft markets then dinner in the city - Sambaqui Restaurant

Passeio de barco.jpg

14th September: Cardoso Island - "Caiçara" experience

9h: Schooner trip to Cardoso Island State Park - PEIC, Perequê center (approximately 5km)

9h30: Mangroove suspended trail and Atlantic Forest trail

12h: "Caiçara" lunch: fish, shrimp sauce, salad, rice and beans

14h: Beach, restinga vegetation and traditional fishing crafts 

16h:  schooner return to Cananéia 

19h: dinner in the city - Naguissa do Silêncio Restaurant, walking distance.

'Caiçaras' are the traditional inhabitants of the coastal areas, extending from the south of Rio de Janeiro state to the south of São Paulo, in Brazil. They are descended of Portuguese, indigenous and African people and they have a close connection with the natural coastal environments, and rely upon the ocean resources to survive, such as fish and crustaceans.

15th September: Mandira - Lagamar fish and quilombola experience


9h: trip to Mandira's quilombo

10h: Mandira waterfall and snorkeling with instructors to observe stream fishes.

12h: lunch: fish, oyster, rice, beans and salad

14h: back to the hotel

16h: check out and trip to Santos Conference Hotel


Quilombolas are inhabitants of quilombos, a typical phenomenon of the Americas. While in the period of slavery the term refers to African and Afro-descendant slaves who fled from sugarcane plantations and small farms (that existed in Brazil until abolition in 1888) to form small villages called quilombos, at the same time it refers to the descendants of these enslaved people, who live in rural communities characterized by subsistence farming and cultural manifestations that have a strong link to the African past.

Rate per person:

Single room: R$ 1550,00 (~USD $387,50)

Double room: R$ 1320,00 (~USD $330,00)


It Includes:


- Meet & Greet and transfer from Guarulhos Airport (São Paulo) to Cananéia, on 13th September in the morning.

- Guides throughout the route

- Instructors, schooner and luch at Cardoso Island State Park

- Activities and lunch in Mandira waterfall

- Dinner at Cananéia on the 13th and 14th of September.

- 2 nights hotel accommodation/breakfast at Marazul hotel

- Transportation from Cananéia to Santos

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