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Host city - Santos

A seaside town, favored by sunshine and calm seas, but with a big city infrastructure, and endowed with natural beauty and attractions for every age all year round. 

This is Santos, an island city, where cordiality, safety and diversity of scenery go hand in hand with cultural, historical and ecological wealth, making it a unique destination that enchants. And this just 70km from São Paulo, Brazil's largest metropolis, within easy reach via modern highways. 

Picturesque and sporty - it's the capital of football-art and home of the Pelé Museum, Santos is also one of the main stops for cruise ships and is distinguished by its business tourism facilities, including one of the most comprehensive events complexes in Brazil. Feel the passion yourself! Santos is a gift waiting to be opened!

The city offers excellent facilities for cultural and commercial activities and tourism. The city has a good network of roads with public transport facility. Radio taxi and bus services are available. There are numerous shopping options including traditional markets, old shopping areas, open-air shopping plazas and modern malls.


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