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Cananéia Pre-event Field Trip


Ubatuba Post-event Field Trip


Welcome !!

The International Nannoplankton Association invites you to join us at the 17th INA Meeting in Santos, a medium-sized city on the coast of São Paulo State (Brazil).

The conference will be held during the period of September 15-20, 2019 in the Convention Center of Sheraton Hotel, which offers excellent and convenient conference and hotel services. 

We wish to capture your interest in attending the 17th INA and we look forward to welcoming you in Santos in 2019. We invite you to join our mailing list to keep you updated about the news and events related to the organization of this conference.

This website brings to you the information about the 17th INA. It will be gradually upgraded into a complete conference portal as we progress with our preparations for hosting 17th INA.

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